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     Divine Assignment Leadership Academy is a Community Development Program. We provide career-connected learning for individuals ages 5 – 24 and their families. Learners are encouraged to take an active role in shaping their futures. Activities are organized around three key areas enabling our participants to succeed and thrive in their community. 

    One of our initiatives provide opportunities for students to participate in activities that are organized around three key areas:

  • Career exploration and development

  • College exploration, preparation and selection

  • Financial aid and literacy

Our clients develop skills that lead to college and career readiness,

workforce development and 21st Century Skills. We share concerns with community agencies, educational institutions and employers.  Our organization has over 40 years of experience in community organizing.

     Young people are struggling academically and living in crisis. Many have experienced trauma adding mental health issues and social emotional effects caused by sudden changes due to the recent Pandemic. We provide an alternative to isolated, expensive interventions and disparities. Students will become the new leaders in their industry through our business partner involvement. Participants will not only learn to work as an individual, but work collaboratively with their classmates and co-workers.

     Our partnerships establish a continuum of care community that allow individuals to thrive in a community that enhances self-esteem and increase socialization.


“The answer is to stop treating parents like ‘clients’ and start treating them like ‘partners’ in helping children learn.”


- John H. Wherry, President, The Parent Institute Fairfax, Virginia

"We all do better when we ALL do better"

- Senator Paul Wellstone

Our students experience success and are academically prepared to take advantage of choices in a changing global society. 



- Its never to soon to plan for your future -

Is your goal to become an Entrepreneur?


Earn a good wage while in college? 


Work in the Hospitality Industry with its vast possibilities?

Build your resume through hands on learning experiences

in Child Development, Hospitality and Textile.


Every student is provided educational support to meet Illinois Learning Standards and master the curriculum while planning for the future.

We encourage educational excellence and utilize evidence based curriculum. Our curriculum promotes academic performance, cultural diversity and a balanced life style. 

"Youth - a period of physical, mental, social, and economic growth. A period of transition from dependent childhood to the independence of adulthood - a transition that often lasts longer than expected. Relying sometimes solely on how successful we are in entering and staying in the world of work" - International Labor Organization

The Unemployment rate is growing in the United States and world wide, affecting young people at an alarming rate. Covid-19 has forced even more people to become unemployed. Causing young people added stress during their transition to adulthood. 



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